Live SoulFULL is a whole new way for people to connect deeply with God through original songs and an interactive book designed to guide people on a journey to discover and experience a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. Live SoulFULL is filled with powerful, Bible-centered teaching, the personal stories behind the songs, thought-provoking questions, and creative exercises all working together with new music written specifically to help the listener experience and internalize God’s Word in a fun and engaging way.

Who We Are
Scott’s passion is to teach people the life-giving truth of God’s Word in conversational style so they will know the love and magnificence of God. He has been teaching in chapel services, Bible classes, small group studies, college groups, and missions work for over 15 years. He has an MA in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary and a BS in Physical Science from Biola University. Ginger is a singer/songwriter, recording artist, and worship leader whose passion and genuine love for Jesus invites people to encounter God in spirit and truth. She began recording at age 7 with G.T. and the Halo Express kids musical scripture memory series, distributed by Word Records, soloing on 7 albums throughout her childhood. In college, she toured Asia and North America singing and speaking as part of the World Vision Youth Ambassador Program. She has continued to lead worship, record her own music, and write/record music for local churches and ministries in the Phoenix area. Ginger also has a BS in Biochemistry from Biola University. Scott and Ginger have been married for 17 years and live in Chandler, AZ with their three children.

The Road to Live SoulFULL
Four years ago, God answered our prayers to work together in ministry by giving us the opportunity to lead chapel services at a women’s rehab center in Phoenix. We’ve had the privilege of walking these precious ladies through their hurts and doubts and offering them hope and new life in beginning a relationship with Jesus Christ. We have discovered that the more we work together to write original music to drive home the message from God’s Word, the greater the impact. We began to wonder how God might be able to use this on a larger scale.

Why Live SoulFULL?
We are increasingly surrounded by great Christian music, devotionals, Bible studies, books, and journals. However, believers in Jesus are reading the Bible less and unlikely to share the Gospel with others. We decided to create a music-driven, Bible-rich journey where all of these resources could be working together to help people engage meaningfully with God. Live SoulFULL focuses on the simple, core truths of the Christian faith, which are the most powerful, transformational truths. Each song and corresponding chapter address one of life’s biggest questions including: “What is God’s big plan for the world?” “Does prayer really matter?” and “Why does God allow pain and suffering?” Live SoulFULL will give people the opportunity to get honest with God, so they can uncover their doubts and fears and build confidence in who God is and who they are as His beloved children. As people develop a soul-filling relationship with Jesus, they will naturally want to share their faith. Live SoulFULL will give people an easy and effective way to start a conversation with others by sharing the songs.

Where We Are Now
After a year and a half of studying, creating, and praying like crazy, we have completed the content for Live SoulFULL and are anxious to make it available. Our dream is to have other artists from different genres to sing on Live SoulFULL and we are praying that this diversity will unify Christians as we work together to share the hope of Jesus with the world! God has opened up some incredible doors for us to have the music produced and recorded by some of the best musicians in Nashville. The book is being edited and designed and we will finish recording the music this summer and plan to make Live SoulFULL available by the Fall. Check out more great music and content, by liking our Facebook page at:

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